Facilities Maintenance Team

The Team is responsible for ensuring the tasks are completed, it could be doing it internally or by arranging contractors to carry out the work. Below are some of the responsibilities of a Facilities Management Team Member:

  • Perform Statutory Checks on the Building i.e. (Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Checks)
  • Ensure all relevant Servicing/inspections are completed on time.
  • Carry out any Repairs needed to the Building, Equipment or Ground.
  • Cut the Grass areas.
  • Keep stores, outside areas clean and tidy.
  • Manage the stock levels of equipment and consumables.
  • Ensuring the Waste is collected/removed
  • Putting the Bins out

If you would like to get involved in any of these tasks please:

Click Here to sign up to our Facilities Maintenance Team

Please spread the word that we are looking for people to join our Maintenance Team as more hands makes light work.